The Lies We Believe Series

Gospel Rich Editor gives us an update on a recent series he completed…

Over the course of the past three weeks, I have preached three sermons at Evident Grace Fellowship. Each one of those sermons speaks to the mission of Evident Grace: Worship, Community, and Service.


Having preached similar messages before, I decided to approach these sermons differently. I wanted to debunk myths and lies that we believe about worship, community, and service. Towards that end, that messages were entitled,


Lies We Believe about Worship

Lies We Believe about Community

Lies We Believe about Service


Whether you worship at EG or not, my desire was to preach them objectively, tackling mistruths that have crept into our minds about each one of those areas. I hope you enjoy them.


Give them a listen, and feel free to give me any feedback you think helpful. Thanks for listening.


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