Take Advantage of the Holidays to Examine This Year and Prepare for The Next

The holiday season brings much more than just presents and decorations.  Christmas also invites a time for introspection and year-end examination.  It is a good time to ask hard questions about the prior year and prepare for the future.

While doing so, you may very well find it easy to doubt your choices.  Everything from relationships to career paths may be cast in to doubt when you think about the highs and lows of the year.

However, without the least bit of naiveté, highs and lows are gifts.  They are gifts because they help you…

Discover Misconceptions.         

Discover Realities.

Discover New Commitments.

Discover Misconceptions:  Let’s say you experienced a setback with your career or in a relationship.  Perhaps a pattern of sin has crept up.   Being ignorant of these realities has hurt you and others.  Be honest and seek out wisdom from the scriptures.  Ask yourself hard questions like,

“Have my motives been Godly?”

“Am I believing something about God that is not true?”

“Where am I trusting my own strength instead of God’s?

And of course, once you clear out the misconceptions, you…

Discover Realties:  Your trials should show you your misconceptions, and now the goal should be to believe biblical truths and realties.  Spend the end of the year pouring over biblical truth.  Start a memorization system.  Fill the dead time with truth.

Discovering misconceptions and realities should lead to you to…

Discover New Commitments:  Are you ready to tackle your life and career with the new truths you’ve discovered?  If so, in the New Year,

Commit to a budget.

Commit to a discipleship relationship.

Commit to more time with your spouse and children.

Take this time at the end of the year to do the hard work of self-assessment.  Enlist a mentor or a trusted friend who will speak truth into your life, but one takeaway:  don’t waste this time at the end of the year.  There are too many good things that you can learn from them.

Hopefully, these tips have been helpful.  Towards these ends, Gospel Rich Books offers several resources to help you this time of year.

Celebrate Christmas with our new release “A Christmas for Each Stage of Life”.  This title will help you find an application of the birth of Jesus, no matter where you are in life.

Additionally, if you want to go a step further in mapping out your career/personal goals, Gospel Rich Books created a planner that enables you to do this each day.

The planner works like this.  It breaks each day into 3-hour segments to help you fuel up and power down.  But even better, it helps you figure out how to approach each part of your day.

Pick up a Streamlining Planner, and transform your day.

We hope your Christmas season is joyful.

Gospel Rich Books


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