A Gospel Rich Books Christmas Devotional Plus a New Release!

Christmas is about the celebration of Jesus’ presence.  Men and Women were separated from God because of their sin, and Jesus took on flesh to die for that sin.  So, the application of Christmas to our day to day means that every stage of life has a reason to celebrate.  Jesus has brought children, parents, spouses…everyone near to God.  For example,

Children:  You are never alone.  Jesus is always with you…even when you are scared.

Parents:  You should be comforted by the story of Mary and Joseph as they raised Jesus and endured pain, hardship, and even the threat of death.

Spouses:  Your companion is a tangible reminder that Christ died for the church, and the church seeks to glorify Her groom, Jesus.

And on and on and on.  Christmas is about celebrating that Jesus has drawn near. 

To celebrate these truths, Gospel Rich Books is excited to announced the release of our newest title: 

A Christmas for Each Stage of Life by Gordon Duncan

This paperback will walk you through the above stages (and more) to help you more greatly celebrate Christmas this year – no matter where you are in life.

Additionaly, Gospel Rich Books also has four Christmas devotionals available on Kindle for $.99 each.  They come from the series entitled, “More than Gifts”.  These are quick reads that will encourage you each week of the holiday season.

We are excited that you are with us.  Please give us your feedback, and if you no longer want to received these emails, just hit “unsubscribe” below. 


Gospel Rich Books

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