Welcome to Gospel Rich Books!

Welcome to Gospel Rich Books!

Who is Gospel Rich Books?  We are a company that intends to draw people closer to Jesus Christ through the enabling and publishing of Gospel Rich materials and resources in a variety of mediums.

We have been around since 2013.  Since then, we have seen the publishing industry change a great deal.  Social media, and a variety of web services, have created an immense number of platforms for God-honoring resources to be available.  We want to fill those platforms with materials that we pray God would use to transform lives.

What you will find, via emails and our website, are blogs and publications from various authors.  We have commentaries, how-to’s, devotionals, and cultural/church observations.  All of these are reasonably priced, and some are even free.

Look for regular updates each week, and while you wait for our next post, check out these great resources.

“Words in Season” by Leon Brown – “Words in Season: On Sharing the Hope that is Within Us” is a gospel-saturated introduction to the mechanics of sharing the hope of Jesus Christ

“Simple Sermon Solution” by Gordon Duncan – This resource enables Bible study leaders and pastors to organize and deliver effective messages while saving time in preparation.

“Joy in Trials” by Gordon Duncan – This international bestseller walks you through the book of Ruth, verse by verse, offering hope to those experiencing pain and loss.

You can also find a host of resources at our Amazon page and on Facebook.

Look for emails and posts regularly.  Also, if you are interested in publishing your own book, email us at gordon@jgordonduncan.com.

We can’t wait to serve you.

Gospel Rich Books




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